Friday, January 14, 2011

07/365 disgusted

i'm on my third. a measly 15 weeks along.

i haven't been able to button my pants for almost two weeks, and when i went to the garage to find the blasted Maternity clothes, they were no where to be found.

i do not, and i repeat, DO NOT want to have to buy new clothes. dreading it.

wishing that the maternity fairy will magically make my soft comfy jeans reappear.

i have a week tops to fool myself into thinking that walking around like this is acceptable.


The J J Glenn Family said...

OHhh no where are the maternity clothes? The tummy looks cute!

kristy said...

SOO happy you are back on your 365 project. I LOVE it. And congrats on baby #3!!!!! So happy and excited for you, Jenny!! You look gorgeous and if things in your garage magically disappear, you might have a husband like mine, who just randomly takes boxes to the trash with sometimes important things in them, like the boxes that held all my Christmas decorations... he thought they were trash... they were empty! I'm like, yeah, it's all on the tree right now!! So sorry you are missing the maternity comfies... such a must with baby 3... somehow, 15 weeks seems like 25 weeks!! Miss you! We should try and meet up for lunch (like at McDonald's or somewhere cool like that for our toddlers to run and play ;)