Thursday, March 27, 2014

001/365 it's been so long I have another kid thats almost 3

i think you guys should meet someone. the last time i was around these parts i was pregnant, and now she is almost three. it's pathetic. and look at her. she has got personality.but i am thinking about making a comeback. in the middle of the month and year. because i can. and i miss seeing my kids from a camera.

Friday, January 14, 2011

14/365 family outing

my kids love to go to yogurt. so does their mother. i love to see them so happy and giddy about something so simple as yogurt.

flavor of choice? plain tart with granola, yogurt chips, and strawberries.


13/365 pb&p

most homes have that pb&j classic. our house it's a little different. peanut butter and pickles.

worlds best sandwich.

but it has to be made with claussen pickles because those are the best. this thing didn't even last a minute.

12/365 wind in our face

the kids and i ventured to disneyland. miss em got to ride the golden zepher all by her lonesome. she felt like such a big kid. i loved looking back and seeing her eyes closed, wind blowing her hair, and sun shining on her face. she was in complete heaven. we rode three times in a row.

i quickly grabbed my phone to catch this sweet little shot of her.

11/365 birthday part two

two of my three closest girlfriends were out of town on my actual birthday. so instead we celebrated this day.

started with my favorite cupcakes. naturally i did a retake of last years birthday photo.

composed poorly, and last years was better, but still love to see the difference from last year to now.

10/365 our collection

while your kids are collecting squinkys, mine are collecting toothpaste.

seriously who needs these varieties.

but i can't resist when a sweet face looks up at me with a twinkle in her eye say"but mom, it's my favorite kind in the whole wide world,"

09/365 mini me

i got dressed for church and naturally little bit was using me as some inspiration. she HAD to wear a sweater, she HAD to wear her boots, and she HAD to have her hair just like mine.

i love having a mini me.

baker took this photo.. obviously has no skills.