Friday, January 14, 2011

14/365 family outing

my kids love to go to yogurt. so does their mother. i love to see them so happy and giddy about something so simple as yogurt.

flavor of choice? plain tart with granola, yogurt chips, and strawberries.


13/365 pb&p

most homes have that pb&j classic. our house it's a little different. peanut butter and pickles.

worlds best sandwich.

but it has to be made with claussen pickles because those are the best. this thing didn't even last a minute.

12/365 wind in our face

the kids and i ventured to disneyland. miss em got to ride the golden zepher all by her lonesome. she felt like such a big kid. i loved looking back and seeing her eyes closed, wind blowing her hair, and sun shining on her face. she was in complete heaven. we rode three times in a row.

i quickly grabbed my phone to catch this sweet little shot of her.

11/365 birthday part two

two of my three closest girlfriends were out of town on my actual birthday. so instead we celebrated this day.

started with my favorite cupcakes. naturally i did a retake of last years birthday photo.

composed poorly, and last years was better, but still love to see the difference from last year to now.

10/365 our collection

while your kids are collecting squinkys, mine are collecting toothpaste.

seriously who needs these varieties.

but i can't resist when a sweet face looks up at me with a twinkle in her eye say"but mom, it's my favorite kind in the whole wide world,"

09/365 mini me

i got dressed for church and naturally little bit was using me as some inspiration. she HAD to wear a sweater, she HAD to wear her boots, and she HAD to have her hair just like mine.

i love having a mini me.

baker took this photo.. obviously has no skills.

8/365 a birthday wish

i told baker that all i wanted for my birthday was a picture of the four of us. on this day.

with the sun almost down, and the kids breaking down, this is one i got.

only one shutter click. it's terrible. but i love it.

07/365 disgusted

i'm on my third. a measly 15 weeks along.

i haven't been able to button my pants for almost two weeks, and when i went to the garage to find the blasted Maternity clothes, they were no where to be found.

i do not, and i repeat, DO NOT want to have to buy new clothes. dreading it.

wishing that the maternity fairy will magically make my soft comfy jeans reappear.

i have a week tops to fool myself into thinking that walking around like this is acceptable.

06/365 nice view

i walked in from loading the washer to find mr. d in a basket lounging. i don't know what but i thought it was hilarious.

this kid makes me roll on a daily basis.

05/365 iphone edition- my princess boy

did anyone catch the segment on today show about the little boy who was 8 and liked to wear pink and sparkles?

well his mom wrote a book called "princess boy".

i think that is a name that fits my little daner boy quite nicely. the kid seeks out jewelry and headbands all day.

he thinks he is so funny.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

04/365 hoarders

in a night of insomnia i turned on the tv to find the show hoarders.

what the heck... is all i can say.

it's one thing hoard STUFF, but another to hoard animals that just roam free in your home and multiply.


needless to say today i did a little de-hoarding. starting with my wallet. it's official.

i am a receipt hoarder.

03/365 friends

after two long weeks of winter break, we decided to spend our last day with a good friend watching a favorite movie. .

with drinks of course.

i love seeing all my little minions snuggling on the couch watching despicable me.

what i love even more however, is seeing them tomorrow.. back at school.

02/365 my sunbeam

at church, the year that the children turn 4, they graduate from nursery and make their way to the big kid class. primary. the 4 year olds are call "sunbeams", and my little lady couldn't have been beaming with more excitement this morning.

she said goodbye to the toys and hello to lessons, scriptures, and songs about jesus.

i can't even believe i have a kid old enough to be in primary.

love her.

01/365 just one resolution

i've never been big on resolutions. baker hates it. so this year i am making one.

i will make it past day 76 on my 365 project. i am bound and determined. nothing is going to stop me.