Friday, March 12, 2010

071/365 connected


over christmas my grandma and i talked about this table making it to my house when she moved. who knew two months later that it would have made it here because she passed away.

she got this table when she married my grandpa. every thanksgiving and christmas eve table i ever went to was on this table. i dyed easter eggs at this table, made pecan and pumpkin pies at this table, and fought over who got to sit at the yellow stool every time we sat down to this table.

this table has been a piece of my childhood, and now a piece of my grandmother that i will hopefully have forever.


Mands Glenn said...

So sweet. I love it Jenn Jenn. It's so special to have a part of your Gran with you.

Hulst mommy said...

Oh so special!!! What a wonderful blessing to have all those memories just from a table :)

Hulst mommy said...
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