Monday, January 25, 2010

025/365 really?

dear gerber-

apparently there is no one on your staff who has children. i mean com'mon.. who in their right mind would want to hand something like this to a child if it were going to make their kid this messy. really?

a really ticked off mom who just finished the laundry and now has to clean this up


poetees said...

Yep! I agree! The worst are their biter biscuits and meat sticks...yes, sadly Ive fed my daughter and son the latter.

Rachel Clare said...

ooh- i do love 365 projects! totally going to keep up with yours. i completely failed mine last year... maybe i'll try to start up again. maybe not. we shall see. we shall also lose the baby fat first. ha.

i think you're cool. let's do lunch.


Windy Dougall said...

oh wow! his eyes are amazing!